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About Me

edədər (editor)


Born and raised in Aurora, Il, I always had an interest in video production, taking the first film theory class offered at East Aurora High School. After graduation, I studied video production at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. While studying, I interned at Post Effects (now Answers Media) as a production assistant. I received a BA from the SIU College of Mass Communication and Media Arts in 2005, and began working as an assistant editor at Digital Kitchen Chicago. In 2007 I left and began working as an editor at Bridges Media in Chicago, where I stayed until 2010, when I began freelancing.


In 2013 I decided to pack up my belongings and head west to California. Since my arrival  I've edited pieces for award winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner that have been shown in film festivals all over the world, including AMANDA F—ING PALMER ON THE ROCKS, which won the Best Short at 2014 Sheffield Doc Fest, cut a feature documentary on haunted houses that will be released nationwide this fall, and edited for VICELAND'S 'Jungletown' and 'Summer Break 5'.

In my free time I enjoy photography, cooking, and obsessively reading/watching the news, and semi paying attention to sports.

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